The [a:t] exhibition

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The first [a:t] project I organised together with Åsa Andersson Broms was an web art exhibition. The project involved 20 Swedish and Danish artists, and just as many companies and institutions in the field of information. The exhibition opened in 1996 with net based works by Annika von Hausswolff, Gunnel Petterson, Tomas Björk, Måns Wrange, Åsa Andersson, Karl-Johan Stigmark, Glenn Sorensen, Knud Romer Jørgensen, rasmus knud, Maria Hedlund, John Øivind Eggesbø, Peter Hagdahl, Jes Brinch, Susan Hinnum, Pär Broman, Jan Hietala, Tommy Støckel.
The project was above all concerned with the medium in itself, and the questions that are consequently raised in and around the Internet – such as democracy and freedom of expression.

/96/~/karin/future.html # Karin HanssonThe Future is Now!
/96/~aasa/art/ # Do you know where you come from? by Åsa Andersson
/96/~/hietala// #Spirit of Ectasy by Jan Hietala
/96/annika/ Tell me a good one! by Annika von Hausswolff
/96/bjor/ #The official homepage of Teddy Valentine Boije & Björk,
/96/brin/ # 5 sound experiments(1983-1996) Versner & Brinch
/96/bro/ # eloge/elegi by Pär Broman
/96/bro2/ # Stealth opinions by Pär Broman
/96/egge/ #RT-chat by John Øivind Eggesbø
/96/glenn/ #Three Fucked Democrats by Glenn Sorensen
/96/gunnel/theworld.htm # Inside from the world by Gunnel Pettersson
/96/hagd/ # Everything is a substitute for something else by Peter Hagdahl
/96/hedl/ #netINHABITants by Maria Hedlund
/96/hinn/ #WOMANS GOTTA HAVE IT by Susan Hinnum
/96/jorg/ #OBZINE! by Knud Romer Jørgensen
/96/~karinh//IU/ # Inverse Universe by Karin Hansson
/96/knud/ #The S.A.T.H. Case by knud rasmus
/96/stig/ # Johnny has a name Karl-Johan Stigmark
/96/stoc/ # Brain Matters by Tommy Støckel
/96/wrange/ # The Archive of Deleted Files Konrad Tollmar ,Måns Wrange)

/96/texts/arttalk/ # E-mail conferens October 1996 (swedish)
/96/texts/bm # Bo Madestrand: “What’s public art, anyway?”
/96/texts/ma # Milou Allerholm: “Who’s that peeking in my window…
/96/texts/sw # Stewen Wilson: “Art as Research