Public opinion

publicopinionPublic opinion is the title of an exhibition were we looked at the concept of the public opinion and other institutions in so called democratic societies.  The exhibition took place at The Culture Center of Stockholm during 2002 years election campaign. Participants were Bongi Jarne MacDermott, Paula Stenström, Måns Wrange, Jon Brunberg, Annika Drougge, Anna-Lena Lundmark, Johan Malmström, Tobias Sjödin, Pernilla Carlsson Sjödin, Karin Willén, Lars Almroth, Maija Suomalainen, Maria Lantz, Åsa Andersson Broms, Karin Hansson, WochenKlausur, Nils Claesson, Liv Fjellander, Erik Rosshagen, among others.