Alias Lova

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Lova was an alias for, and a collaborative work by, Jennifer Cowling, Monica Renman, Hanna Samsioe, Marisol Savedra-Irribara, Richard Rymer-Rythén, Robert Lindelöv, Fredrik Lundin, Tobias Karlhager, Cristoffer Bergmark, Frida Andersson, Cecilia Wiman, Maria Lauri and Johanna Lundgren, students at Roden Gymnasiet in Norrköping, Sweden. As a way to investigate different aspects of performing an online identity, we constructed a persona for the students as a group. In addition to creating the identity online, Lova was performed as an installation in the Arthall in Norrköping and as a book.

Thanks to the Police in Stockholm County who helped us to create the phantom image of Lova.

Organized by Karin Hansson, thanks to Torun Ekstrand.