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a:t] is the result of a collaboration between the artists Åsa Andersson-Broms and Karin Hansson, which already began 1993. They were looking for new forms and scenes for discussing and working with public art, and asked themselves what contemporary public art really was. Different ideas about the place of art in public spaces led them gradually to the new information technologies, and Internet became an obvious area for exploration.


2007 The Body in the Net is a project initiated in 2003 when the discussion about the sexualization of the electronic public space was intense. The aim of the project is use the form of an art project to investigate questions on how sexual hunger, despair and desire is exposed and exploited by the expanding information technologies and the globalized new economy.  The project also wants to investigate the means on how on one hand defend the freedom of speech and on the other hand fight against sexual exploration and oppression.
One of the results of the project was an art exhibition by Nils Claesson & Karin Hansson.

2006 Gör något åt vädret (Do something about the weather!) was an art project about the climate changes. Participating artists were Peter Johansson and Barbro Westling, Ola Pehrson and Lena Gustavsson, Marianne Lindberg de Geer and Carl Johan de Geer, Association for Temporary Art [a:t], FA+, Akay, Eric Ericsson and Klisterpete. The result of the project was presented on the net 2006 as an idea bank.

2005 The aim with Re.produktion was to discuss the old conflict between production and reproduction. A group of artists met regularly during a year to discuss questions raised by common texts. Participating artists were among others Dorinel Marc, Simina Astilean, Lars Arrhenius, Karin Hansson, Nils Claesson, Åsa Andersson Broms, Lena Gustavsson, Maria Friberg and Front design.  The result of the project was presented on the net as an idea bank.